What is DAS? DAS refers to distributed antenna systems that are installed to amplify particular radio and/or cellular signals.
They are critical for first responders and their ability to communicate with one another and allows them to perform essential lifesaving duties. Whether it be a fire emergency, natural, or man-made disaster, RATH’s ERRCS will ensure that there is no loss of signal or communication for your public safety personnel when it matters most.

RATH® DAS Solutions are available in 3 sizes

RATH® DAS SOLUTION (3100-1000 Series) for for Large Facilities (Buildings above 900,000 sq. ft.)
Fiber Active DAS System
(3100-1000 Series)
RATH® HYBRID SOLUTION (3100-1500 Series) for for Medium Facilities (Buildings 400,000 - 900,000 sq. ft.)
Hybrid of Active & Passive Fiber/Coax System
(3100-1500 Series)
RATH® REPEATER SOLUTION (3100-5100 Series) for for Small Facilities (Buildings up to 400,000 sq. ft.)
Passive DAS System
(3100-5100 Series)

At RATH®, we believe that ongoing education is paramount to your professional development.
Our goal is to provide relevant information to assist you in making the right decisions.
DAS Code Requirements: Read applicable IBC/IFC and NFPA Codes
DAS Code Requirements
Read applicable IBC/IFC
and NFPA Codes
Education and Tech Support: Click to Ask the Expert, Sign up for Lunch and Learn, Read Glossary of Terms or Contact Tech
Education and Tech Support
Ask the RATH® DAS Expert, Contact Tech,
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RATH's Specifiers' Corner: Download Data Sheets, Manuals and Specifications
Specifiers' Corner
Download Data Sheets, Manuals
and Specifications

RATH® DAS (Distributed Antenna System) title=

RATH® DAS is another reliable product line from RATH® Communications.
Expect the same quality, code compliance, knowledge, and customer service as our other emergency communication divisions such as
RATH® Area of Refuge, RATH® Microtech, RATH® Security, and RATH® Nurse Call.
We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all your emergency communication needs.

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