Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

RATH® DAS System Glossary of Terms

DAS (distributed antenna system):
  • A series of antenna used to expand radio coverage within a building or space

ERRCS (Emergency Responder Radio Communication System):
  • Term used for public safety or first responder DAS

BDA (bi-directional amplifier):
  • Signal booster that takes an outside signal from a donor antenna and amplifies within a building through a series of antennas

Interior Antenna:
  • Distributed throughout a building to provide coverage in critical areas

Donor Antenna:
  • Antenna located on roof of a building, relays the exterior signal to the BDA

Class A:
  • Signal booster or BDA that amplifies a set frequency

Class B:
  • Signal booster or BDA that amplifies a range of frequencies

  • Direction of communication from BDA to user’s handset/device

  • Direction of communication from user’s handset/device to BDA

Glossary of Terms
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